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DRASH Military Tent

This is an undeployed DRASH 2XB military tent. DRASH website

I bought this unit military surplus with poles I needed for the GP medium tents that I typically use. This tent has never been out of its shipping box. I believe it was purchased, the cardboard lid removed for a looksee, and then there it sat until it was surplused. The forest green color may have had something to do with it becoming surplus. The carton was in the weather for an unknown time, evidenced by slight fading in the protective external shipping bag. The tent is still in the original shipping carton, without the cardboard lid. You can tell that it is undeployed because the factory ziptie that initally secures the poles is unbroken.

CAD Drawing and specs CAD Drawing and specs
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Page last modified on October 04, 2007, at 11:52 PM